Don’t get too comfortable

It is so important for us to keep perspective.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own problems and state of mind that we forget some of the biggest issues facing others in need. This is often harshly called ignorance, and I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to being ignorant.

But also, I think we forget how blessed we are too. My best friend reminded me of this last night. I am so incredibly blessed. And that’s not something I intend to say to boast or anything of that nature! It’s just a simple fact. If you can read this post then you are absolutely blessed. Think about it:

How many people in the world can’t even find a meal at night? More than we know. That’s why there are incredible organizations like Hello Somebody, that are raising awareness to world hunger; or an organization like A21 who has brought awareness, response and prevention to the staggering 27 million people still engaged in slavery.

It’s almost unfair how often we take blessings for granted. It’s so important to

keep perspective.

Because if we keep perspective, then we are more inclined to actually do something about it now.

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